Help - Macbook Air 2011 randomly dies

Aug 5, 2014
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My mac keeps dying randomly, and for most of the time won't start up. Help?

OK, so I have had my 13inch air for almost 3 years with no problems at all. That was until now. The problem first occurred about a month ago when it suddenly died while I was using it. This happened a few times during the next couple of days - everything working fine and then, boom, a blackout.
Then I began having trouble starting the computer. I would here the little start-up noise but then it would at some point stop and die.
I tried charging it but the charging light remained green at all times.
At one point I wasn't even able to hear the start-up noise. My Air now seemed completely dead.
That was when I took it in to my local Apple store. They were unable to start it up as well, using a different charger, and couldn't tell me what seemed to be the issue. The guy i spoke to told me they would gladly take it in so they could locate the problem and maybe fix it - but the price would be hefty, so he recommended me to think about buying a newer model…

So I brought it back home to think about my options. Then things started getting even more weird. Being closed and folded in my back I suddenly heard the full-blown start-up sound from the speakers. I open it and yes - my mac works like a charm.
However, the next time a try to start it up, the problem occurs again - it dies during the start-up.
I then went on my holiday without it and just returned today, 3 weeks later. It seems to work now, but who knows for how long.

Does anyone have a clue on what to do here?

Oh, a while ago, before the problem started, I got the little warning symbol whenever I click on my battery. Service battery it says. Maybe this is related?


Nov 26, 2010
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Without see this I'd guess:
The battery is failing and when they fail they swell, there is no room in the case and it's stressing the internal board.

Advice, take it to a AppleCare Service Centre near you for a Quote. If the battery is the problem leaving it could result in extreme physical damage.

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