Replacing Macbook Pro Keyboard Help

Nov 30, 2017
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Hi All

I have a dilemma, hope you can help!

I spilt a little water on my macbook pro 2 weeks ago. Everything works fine apart from a few keys. I have connected a bluetooth keyboard and as far as I can tell the only damage is a few keyboard keys. One being the power button.

I have purchased a replacement keyboard which I plan to fit myself.

What I am worried about is.. the power button. Right now I'm not shutting down the machine, simply closing the lid. If it shuts down I don't think I'll be bale to power it up as the power button is affected and doesn't respond. From sleep I can press any key or the touchpad and it wakes.

If it shuts down is there a way to power up the pro without the power button? Maybe underneath? I dont know. I'm worried if I start taking things apart it won't 'sleep' it will shut down and I wont be able to turn it back on! If for instance the new keyboard for some reason doesnt work.. I dont know, I'm just thinking worse case scenario.

So I'm a bit stuck.. what to do! Risk it and fit the new keyboard or continue with the external keyboard. If I know theres a way to turn it back on without the power button all is good but I just dont know

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much


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