wireless signal strong/safari doesn't see it

Oct 1, 2006
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Hello, all!
I am the IT department for my family of six macs. I am trying to connect my youngest daughter's mac ( a PowerPC G3 with 350 processor and 640 MB running 10.2.8) to our wireless network.

The signal button in the upper right corner shows that it can see it, when I run a site survey on the Blekin wireless LAN configuration software, is can see it as well, but I am not able to get the tcp/ip to recognize the wireless USB network adapter.

Any ideas? I am really good at trying things and trouble shooting but I need help with where I go to find the answers for this one.



Jan 16, 2006
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Hi Diva, and welcome :)

Just a couple of questions:

Have you used this USB adapter in any machine before in any other machine?

Have you checked via system profiler to see if all the USB ports on the Mac are active, and it detects the adapter?

Could it be possible that the adapter needs drivers (some do)?

Could it also be possible that the Mac needs the firmware updating to recognise the modern wireless USB key? I know it is running 10.2, but it *could* be a firmware issue, if not for the mac, then maybe a firmware update for the actual USB key.

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