[SOLVED] iToner app messed up my iTunes



I have an iMac and I always sync my iPhone 3G without a problem until today. Last night I downloaded a program to my Mac called "iToner." It makes any songs of yours Ringtones and syncs your iPhone 3G with the program not with iTunes to get the ringtones on your iPhone.

When you first load it up it says that it must restart iTunes to make the program work. So I let it restart iTunes and whatever. Now when I sync with iTunes, it just goes crazy.

When I click the sync button, the sync button freezes for 5 seconds and then it starts syncing then it finishes syncing but it says that it is syncing photos. And it just keeps syncing photos. It sync photos for about 15 seconds after it finishes syncing. Nothing in the my photos folders have changed.

I've tried syncing my other iPods (iPod video and iPod touch) to see if it messes up with those but it does not. Only with my iPhone 3G. I tried restoring my iPhone 3G and that didn't work. I uninstalled iToner and iTunes and reinstalled iTunes and it still doesn't work.

Does anyone know how to fix this? :(



Jun 13, 2007
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Re: iToner app messed up my iTunes

What version of iToner do you have? Make sure you have the very latest version which is v 1.0.9.

What version of iTunes and Mac OS X do you have?

This is from the Ambrosia/ iToner web page FAQs:

iToner can convert and transfer MP3, AAC (m4a), WAVE and AIFF audio files to your iPhone.

Please note that music purchased via Tunes (m4p) can no longer be used as they are protected files and can not be converted.

You could try deleting iToner to see if your iPhone syncs without the lssue presenting itself. Or go to a new user account and try there, just make sure you quit iTunes before logging out/switching user.

For what it's worth, and I know this doesn't solve your pressing issue, but you can create a ringtone without using apps like iToner ....

1. Launch iToner and connect your iPhone
2. Use iToner to remove any existing ringtones.
3. Import any of your ringtones into iTunes if they are not already there.
4. Select your ringtone in iTunes and choose "Convert Selection to AAC" from the Advanced menu. (if this option in the Advanced menu says "Convert Selection to [any other format], then open iTunes preferences, click on Advanced, then click on Import. Then change the "Import using" menu option to AAC. After this the item in the Advanced menu will refer to AAC.
5. Drag this converted file to your Desktop.
5. In the Finder, change the file extension from ".m4a" to ".m4r". Select the file and then go to the File menu to Get Info. Change the file extension to m4r. You should get a dialog box confirming the change. Change the filename for this file only (you will have to do that for each ringtone, but if you go ahead and say yes to using m4r for all aac files, all of your audio files will be converted to ringtone format).
6. You can now use iToner to sync the ringtone back over.

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