Computer or Sleep issue that hasn't been able to be solved....

Jan 17, 2015
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My macbook pro (june 2012 edition with yosemite) is having issues. There are two symptoms that I have. The first is about computer sleep and the second is about the computer performance.

1. My mac freezes up with the color wheel a LOT and is slow to respond even after a reboot/shut down. I have already re-installed the OS and I have done a virus scan but both haven't fixed the problem.

2. My computer won't go into computer sleep when the lid is closed, but will do something very strange. It will go into display sleep and (after waiting sufficient time for computer sleep) when I open the lid it will enter computer sleep for a second or two but then fully wake up (sometimes it doesn't automatically go into computer sleep when lid is opened, i click and then it sleeps and then wakes up).

I have a thought that maybe, somehow a key is being pressed or something that is no longer pressed when i lift up the lid, but I don't have anything between the lid and the keyboard. I don't have any other ideas though....

I have already done the following based on earlier help:
Mac OS reinstalled
Installed from Time Machine Backup
Virus Scan
Verified the disk and also permissions.
Reset sharing preferences, and I don't have internet sharing enabled.
Reset default energy saver preferences.
Reset SMC and PRAM.

Any help would be appreciated!
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