Another High Sierra "Mystery" Solved!

Sep 17, 2014
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As most folks know, I have been "complaining" about the slower start up times of High Sierra, primarily with my late 2012 Mac Mini, along with switching start up devices. Well, it looks like this has been resolved, for the most part.

Before I state what the solution is, I must give credit to Cory Cooper and Allen Davis. A number of months ago, Cory indicated that High Sierra does consume some more resources. And Allen Davis made the point that he does not have any of his external drives connected until he wants to do backups.

Well, taking Allen's advice, I went ahead and disconnected the external drive (actually 512 gig Samsung 850 Pro SSD) from my Mac Mini, and now start up times are much better! Still not as fast as they were with Sierra, but much more bearable. (For my Mac Book Air, which I rarely have any of my external drives connected to it (except when I make backups), the start up times have always been "decent").

Additionally (and folks with Tech Tool Pro will understand this), restarting either machine from Tech Tool Pro's eDrive is now faster.

So, to re-enforce Cory's point, I suspect that because my external SSDs have 2 bootable partitions, that is why High Sierra takes so much time in booting up, as it (apparently) needs to sort out the "correct" start up device. That might be an over simplification, but it seems to jive with what Cory said.

IN any event, mystery solved!


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