Mac OS Monterrey

Sep 8, 2020
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I made the grave error of updating my 2017 iMac,( 21.5 inch, 2.3Ghz- dual core intel core i5). to Monterey 12-3.1)- I has basically rendered my computer useless.To call it slow is an understatement. every click has the colored ball rolling for minutes. pages enter and leave at random, opening an app would get the message, "this can't be opened" while it is opening-

I upgraded from Sienna- what is the easiest way to revert back to Sienna or a later OS which eouldlet me use my computer again- Thanks for your help

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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  • How much free space is available?
  • Is it showing the SBOD (Spinning Beachball of Death) all the time, when browsing the Internet, etc.?
  • Do you have some applications loading at startup (Login Items) that may not be compatible with Monterey?
  • Do you have any third-party utilities like MacKeeper/antivirus/etc. installed?
The only way to downgrade back to an earlier version of macOS is to backup all of your data, create a bootable macOS installer, wipe the drive, and reinstall.


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