Mac Book Pro does not go pass gray screen with apple icon.

Oct 19, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I might have done the most stupid thing in the world. I have deleted everything that is greater than 500MB in my Mac Book Pro, missed following some clean up your mac online instruction.

After realizing what I did was wrong, I tried putting the deleted stuff back. The first one was "HiTool box", well, can't really remember the name, but something like that, and my whole computer crashed. I turned it off, and turned it back on again. Since then, no matter what I tried, it has never gone passed the gray screen with the apple icon.

I have tried performing safe boot and also resetting NVRAM/PRAM,Instructions from the following link.
but the result is still the same, it just stays on the gray screen with the apple icon.

I know, in your mind, you guys might think that how stupid can this person be.. seriously, I know, I was having a cold and wasn't thinking straight. I can't believed I typed in my password and allow the deletion. > <

Please please, someone, help! Any input would be much appreciated

Thank you. Thank you.



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