Getting out of "Apple ID blocked" hell ?

Dec 20, 2016
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Yup, Apple has locked my ID for security reasons so I can't even post questions about it in the Apple support forums.

When we travel we buy prepaid sims for our iPhone, country by country. Each time we buy a new sim Apple requires that we verify our Apple ID before they will re-enable our account.

This last time our mail server happened to be off-line so when we requested the unlock instructions the e-mail that was supposedly sent never arrived. We set up a back-up e-mail address with Apple earlier this year and that is a gMail account. Nothing arrived at that address either.

Now our mail server is back up but repeated requests for the unlock e-mail just results in a message saying 'e-mail sent', but nothing ever arrives. I must have tried a dozen times by now.

I also tried the security question route but the answers I would have given are not the ones they have on file. The Apple ID is probably 20 years old and I have no record of ever having specified answers to security questions, I have a record of my passwords over time.

Since I am in Central America I am really stuck. The phone call option won't work because it would be an international call-back for them and they provide no number that I have found where I can call them (internationally).

Kafka would be proud but I'm just looking for any ideas for how to get out of this impossible situation.




Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Unfortunately, due to Apple's security/privacy policy, there isn't any way to bypass a locked Apple ID account verification/reset. You will have to speak with Apple directly, or change settings on your incoming mail server.



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