Bootcamp Prob.: Getting Back To Mac OS From W10: Help, Please

Dec 28, 2017
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First, thanks for all the previous help.
Am in my 80's now, and, frankly, would be lost without you folks.

Have a relatively new iMac, and am running the latest vers. of High Sierra.

I did the Bootcamp thing (big, big mistake apparently), and after a few tries W10 comes up.
Apparently it works fine, except that I cannot get it to recognize (any) wireless Mouse.
Does recognize the wireless keyboard.
A secondary problem for now, as I can use an old wired Mouse.

No matter what I do or try, I cannot get it to open up to, or switch back to the Mac OS.

I do not have a Bootcamp Control icon anywhere on the Windows10 screen or task bars.
Not in the ^ extra menu that you can pull up on the right side of bottom task bar.

I tried restarting multiple times while holding down the key on the bottom of the keyboard
that has a line thru it; the top part labeled start in white, and the bottom part labeled
alt opt in grey. The bottom part/symbol I think is for Windows.
I also tried the fn key next to it, as well as the key labeled alt (in white on top/ and cmd squiggle symbol on the bottom in grey. The keyboard is a Logitech; I think a model 780 (can't find model No. on it)

I read that re-starting and holding down the Option key should bring up a Boot Order screen, or
automatically go into the Mac OS, but it doesn't for me.

Which key is the Option Key; how (probably) labeled ?
Perhaps I am not doing this key and hold down correctly ?

Am totally out of ideas now.

Please help me with this.
There must be some way for me to switch bac to the Mac, or select a boot order, or... ? Isn't there ?

Thanks; appreciate your time nd help,


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Sorry for the delay in responding.

Did you ever get this resolved?

Here's how to access Startup Manager. Follow the steps in the Use Startup Manager section, and you should be able to startup in OS X again.

Let us know if that works,

Dec 28, 2017
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Hi Cory,

So nice of you to take so much time and trouble in helping me out.
Very, very appreciated.

For now, i think I have things working.

The only question i have, and it isn't all that important, is why I have to do
a complete shutdown, first, before restarting with the ALT key held down
(Dell keyboard), rather than just a re-start (with the ALT key held down) to get to W10
via Bootcamp.

The restart doesn't do it, and it just opens up in Mac again.

A full shutdown, and re-start with the ALT key down does work.

Best regards,

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