Bypass the DVD start up - locating a DVD drive

Oct 20, 2019
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Hardware and OS
iMac (20-inch, Mid 2007)
CD/DVD drive installed, but broken

OS X El Capitan - version 10.11.6


Obviously, this is an older mac. I'm trying to relegate it to playing movies and slideshows as a display. The DVD drive is broken, but I have several ripped files that I would like to play.

When I open DVD Player the following dialogue box appears: "There was an initialization error A valid DVD drive could not be found [-70012]".

Attempt(s) to bypass:
Dragging the DVD files directly into the DVD Player once placed in the Tool Bar. Result: Same problem.

Is there a way to bypass locating a valid drive during initialization? In other words can I "fake" a drive that will allow the DVD player to start and run the file on the hard drive or memory stick? If no, is there a program that is comparable with OS X that can be installed and play the files in DVD format?


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

-How did you rip the DVDs and what file type and extension do they have?
-Have you tried converting them with HandBrake?

You may be able to change a few settings to allow DVD Player to play those files without accessing the failed optical drive:
 > System Preferences... > Cds & DVDs > change all When you insert .......... CD/DVD: to Ignore
DVD Player > Preferences > uncheck When DVD Player opens: Enter Full Screen Mode and Start Playing Disc
DVD Player > Preferences > uncheck When a disc is inserted: Start playing disc

I believe there is a workaround for playing them with VLC, but it depends on the file type.


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