Weird pop-up auto-correct box - system-wide, can't turn off

Feb 20, 2011
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For about a year now, whenever I type the letters "cs" or "se" together, a pop-up box appears suggesting "Colorado Springs." If I'm typing fast or otherwise don't click a little 'i" in the upper righthand corner of the pop-up (which cancels the autocorrection), it either changes my "cs" or "ce" text to "colorado springs" or it ignores the last letter ("s" or "e") and locks up the window I'm in.

For example: If I name a file in the finder "cheese," it makes the file name "chees", acts as though I hit return, ending the naming process, and freeze the window so I can't scroll or go to another file in the menu. minimizing and zooming the window unfreezes it.

Other times, such as typing in a password in Stuffit Deluxe, it makes the autocorrection without freezing the window (but the password is wrong because it autocorrected to include "colorado springs."

I never loaded an app that does this (except Quickeys, which functions differently and doesn't have such a pop-up....I checked it anyway, and no "cs" or "se" triggers). I never set any auto correction in any program with these triggers. I check MS Office, and I'm not using those triggers there either.

It appears to be system wide with a few exceptions (Office, Chrome, Safari).

I've tried all kinds of key combinations while clicking on the pop-up to call up options or anything that would explain it further, but the only click that does anything is the click to the "i" in the corner (the "i" seems to be "info" like a widget, but it doesn't offer any info and I have no widgets at all, let alone one like this).

Does anyone know what this thing is and how I can turn it off?

I have an image of the pop-up on Flikr (which no longer allows direct links, so I couldn't post it here):



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