Strange Problem

Apr 5, 2022
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I have a Mac Mini, which I am using now. But I bought a Mac laptop a little ove 6 mo ago for my daughter who is both an educator and a student. She works with developmentally challenged students. This was to be a combined wedding present and gift for when sh got her Masters (she is going for her Doctorate). So I got a good student discount. But things have changed.

I have cancer (maybe a bit over a year left, maybe more), and I am going to need the laptop for my use since even the Mini is hard to use in bed. That may happen sooner rather than later. So I have 2 problems (3 if you count I am a Luddite amongst Luddites to begin with, and between that and my meds and lack of sleep, I have barely the skills to get on here and post). But the problems are:
1. I need to contact Apple and arrange to pay them the difference since I will be using that laptop for personal use for a while. She'll still get the comp, but it may be a while. I used to have a number to Apple's help line, but can't find it. Hoping they say it's ok, but that is their determination to make, not mine.
2. I am so foggy minded, here I am half a year later and still do not have that comp set up. Macs are simple enough that I set this Mni up (with help), but every time I try with the new one I hit a wall. About to hit the Dummies book again and try. But do any of you know of a more basic, simple, step by step source that I could use? It's a small Mac Book Pro (and yes, even in my foggy state I see the irony in having a Pro comp and not even being able to use a Dummies book). She was coming over (there's a couple of thousand miles of water separating us) and I'd planned on doing this with her. But her plans fell through and my situation changed.
Any help greatly appreciated; especially as my mind is not getting any clearer (though like now I do have windows of some clarity). This is as frustrating as it is humbling, so I have to ask. Thanks.

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Sorry for the delayed response.

First off, I am so sorry to hear of your health issues. Best of luck with that for you and your family.

1. You don't need to contact Apple, as you don't owe them any of the student discount back. Don't worry about that at all. ;)

2. Where are you getting stuck with the setup of the MacBook Pro? Did you get through the initial setup and have an account that you can login with?

I am sure our members will be happy to assist with whatever questions you may have.


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