opening older version of i photo issues

Feb 24, 2012
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I had a very old mac desk top that we purchased in 2003. the board went bad, but i installed the hard drive from that old computer (we will call it BIGGUN from now on) into a new macPro in one of the 4 hard drive slots. I have a LOT of pictures on BIGGUN that I would like to open in iPhoto, but when I click the iPhoto icon in the BIGGUN it says

"you can't open your current photo library using this version of iPhoto"

then below that it says

"you have made changes to your photo library using a newer version of iPhoto. please quit und use the latest version of iPhoto"

I just want to get access to the pictures off the BIGGUN disc! I know that the pix are on there somewhere because my background is a constantly changing photo, and I see photos from that BIGGUN disc on my background all day long. then when i open the iPhoto from my dashboard on the macro start up hard drive , then try and open the BIGGUN version of iPhoto, it says it can only run one iPhoto at a time.

very frustrating!

any ideas how to get these photos?



Nov 26, 2010
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It sounds like you still also have all your old Apps on BIGGUN. I'd start by deleting the old version of iPhoto.
We normally open the old iPhoto Library with an intermediate version of iPhoto to move the format forward.
Once you have deleted the old copy of iPhoto, click the one in the Dock holding down the Option Key, this will give you the option to choose another Library, navigate to the old Library and choose it, it should then update it.

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