New original battery not recognized - macbook pro 13" mid 2009

Nov 19, 2017
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Hi ,
so I have replaced the macbook battery with an original one of the same model.
but the new battery not recognized most of the times and sometimes I see that it is charging icon but the % stays "0" and the light on the magsafe is always green.
I have put old battery - and all back to normal.
the seller told that this is a known problem and that I need to remove battery drivers first .. but how can I do it ???
I am on El Capitan.


Sep 17, 2014
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I've never heard of "battery drivers", but if you replace the original, Apple battery inside your MacBook with the exact, Apple replacement model, it should work right away, and especially if you purchase it either directly from Apple, or at a reputable place that sells Apple products, like Best Buy.

If I were you, I'd return the battery to the seller for a refund (if the seller is reputable, they will have a refund policy), and then purchase a brand new, Apple one from either Apple or a store like Best Buy.
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