Bought Used Mac: iPhoto & iMovie won't update due to not originally downloaded under my iTunes accou

Nov 21, 2015
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Hi Y'all - Can you please help me? I bought a used Macbook today from a friend and I have 3 Mac apps (iPhoto, iMovie, and Pages that are showing updated available, however when I click update for each app it says that my iTunes account didn't download them thus it can't update....the original iTunes account (my friend's) needs to update them. Should I uninstall each app on my Mac (how do I do that?) and then go thru like iTunes to re-download each app under my own iTunes account?

Anybody have any tips on this and/or in general of me buying a used Mac laptop that my friend tried to re-set clean to the best of his availability (but clearly not everything got cleared)?

Cheers :)


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Yes, you could try deleting those apps and then login to the App Store with your Apple ID and re-download them. The App Store relies on having Spotlight turned on and having a current index of your drive. That is how it identifies which account purchased them.

-Which version of OS X?
-Which versions of those apps?
-Do you have a current Time Machine or other backup of your data?


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