Cannot boot from Original OS cds

Aug 30, 2017
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So here is what happened. My mac was acting up, freezing when it went to sleep. So I turned the sleep mode off, but kept happening. So since everything is on my secondary hard drive, I thought, lets just wipe the main hard drive and reinstall OS. Well, I used Disk Utility to erase the drive, and then it asked for my apple ID to download the Mac OS. And then it froze. So now I have a computer that will not start, obviously because there is no operating system. And I can't get it to start from the Mac OS CDs I bought. I bought this computer used so I do not have the original CDs that came with the computer.

The computer is:
A1186 Mac Pro Intel Xeon Quad 3.0GHz Dual Core 2GB 250GB-Pre owned

And I bought Mac OS Snow Leopard cds since that is what it originally came with.

But I cannot get the computer to start up from the cds (booting holding the C key down).

Any ideas?

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Depending on the exact model of Mac Pro, it would have come with either (MacPro2,1) Tiger 10.4.9 or (MacPro3,1) Leopard 10.5.1/2.

-Which exact model of Mac Pro - MacPro2,1 (8-core) or MacPro3,1 (Early 2008)?
-Are the discs you bought retail copies, or OEM gray machine-specific discs?
-Do you have any third-party RAM installed?
-Which version of OS X was it trying to download and install - depending on your exact model it supports up to Lion 10.7.5 or El Capitan 10.11.6.

You can enter the Mac Pro's serial number here to get the exact model:

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