Cannot create new Partition with bootcamp after deleting Win7

Jan 11, 2010
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I decided to make a switch from XP to WIN7 on my Imac, so I deleted the partition with bootcamp, installed win7, everything was fine.

Though I was not aware that bootcamp did not fully support Win7 64 bit, and it's the one I installed at that time.

When I noticed the lack of support from bootcamp (no sound etc) I tried to delete the partition to install the 32 bit Win7 instead.... but after the partitioning something went wrong. I could not create a new one for another windows installation.

I'm getting this message when trying : (Sorry my mac is in french... :( )

Translation : This disc cannot be partitioned because it is impossible to move certain objects.

So this made me try and correct the corrupted now not-really-existing partition of Win7... when looking at my disc utility this is what I saw :

it seems like 1 mb of space is missing but this "disc" is still considered to be a single partition disc. meaning I cannot select it and delete it...

now my question is... is there a way to fix this problem without having to format my HDD? :(

some other data... :
From Partition inspector

*** Report for internal hard disk ***

Current GPT partition table:
# Start LBA End LBA Type
1 40 409639 EFI System (FAT)
2 409640 624880263 Mac OS X HFS+

Current MBR partition table:
# A Start LBA End LBA Type
1 1 409639 ee EFI Protective
2 * 409640 624880263 af Mac OS X HFS+

MBR contents:
Boot Code: Unknown, but bootable

Partition at LBA 40:
Boot Code: None (Non-system disk message)
File System: FAT32
Listed in GPT as partition 1, type EFI System (FAT)

Partition at LBA 409640:
Boot Code: None
File System: HFS Extended (HFS+)
Listed in GPT as partition 2, type Mac OS X HFS+
Listed in MBR as partition 2, type af Mac OS X HFS+, active

Please help :(


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