forgot master password; cannot access admin account; can i gain access another way?

Mar 13, 2018
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i have a mac mini running os x 10.6.8. i bought it used long ago and do not have any of the discs or documentation that i have been reading about in my searches. so i'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to obtain them (hopefully for free), or offer another solution. I haven't used it in years and i just really want to get some files back and see what's on there that i may have forgot about. anyway, i was able to create a new admin account by booting to the command line and i thought i had it handled, but even though i changed the old admin to a standard account the master pw is still required to reset that login. i don't remember setting up a master pw. i thought i just set a login. i've tried a bunch of settings variations, but i think im just spinning my wheels. am i?

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