Network accessible server/drive remote options

May 12, 2017
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Hi. I run a small design company which consists of me working at home with a couple of freelancers working remotely. I have an external Thunderbolt drive which I use day-to-day and houses all my work files. It gets backed up to a cloud backup every afternoon. Everything 'in house' works great.
However, I'd like my freelancers to have access to the files. I'd like a solution where it's accessible via thunderbolt for me and remotely for the freelancers. At the moment I'm packing up folders, sending them over wetransfer or whatever, they're working on them, I'm filing them back on the drive.
I'd like to perhaps purchase a thunderbolt (or similar speed) NAS drive so I can have it as a server. For me to work on 'constantly' and for the remote people to be able to take files off and drop back on as and when they choose.
I have a WDMycloud but it'd totally unreliable and SLOW.
Can anyone suggest something that actually works. I'd need about 4TB MAX and I have about £1500 max budget.


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