Need Help creating and prioritizing a quick troubleshooting list for MacOS kernel panics

Dec 18, 2021
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Good morning! I'm trying to put together a quick list of ways to troubleshoot various MacOS issues and then prioritize them in the order that we should try first, since time is of the essence. Naturally, this would be better determined by Mac system admins with way more experience than me. This is what I have so far, can anyone help add to the list or tell me what I should move up or down based on your experience with what works best/most often? Thank you so much!

Run First Aid

Use Apple Diagnostics

Remove recent software/plugins, etc.

Disconnect all devices, add back one at a time

Remove questionable software (uncertified, third parties, beta, etc.)

Disable unnecessary startup items

Update OS

Free up disk space

Reset disk permissions

Check File System ("/bin/fsck -fly")

Force Restart and reset PRAM

Login issue – reset NVRAM and PRAM

Reinstall the MacOS


Jan 16, 2022
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my advice is to do the simplest things first because you don’t want to spend a long time on something that doesn’t work
and Apple Diagnostics should detect if something is wrong so if something is wrong it would probably detect it and you can try to fix the problem hope this helped you

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