Music Library - External Drive Set-up via Music App

Nov 18, 2023
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Recently, I migrated all files, apps, etc from a 2010 Mac Mini to a newer late 2018Mac Mini. Also, I copied all of my music file from an older external drive onto a new external "media" drive. I would like to keep the library organized via the Music app without having any current and future music files (ripping CDs, etc) loaded onto my internal drive. I've opened the Music app/Settings/Files to point the Music app to my external "media" drive. Do I need to go to Music app/File/Import now? Apple Support Advisor did a screen share and had me click on some stuff which loaded part of my library into the app, however, now I see 2 "media" drives, 2 backup drives when I click on my internal drive icon. Anyway, is there anyone that can guide me through the proper pathways to remedy...or even perhaps a screen share? Thx.

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