Can't open music library

Howard Brazee

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Mar 13, 2016
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I copied the Music folder from my Catalina iMac to my wife's. When she opened it on hers, the playlists did not have all of the songs, and she keeps getting the window message:

The Music Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-54) (She finally checked off to not warn her again)

I looked this up and verified that both her an my Music have the same Music Media folder location.

I tried opening both of our Music Apps holding the Option key down, then selecting music\music\Music Library.musiclibrary that was modified today. But on both computers, I get the error "You cannot change the music library at this time because the current library is in use by a device".

I turned off both of our iPhones and iPads, and the other iMac, and still got that message.

I searched for a different .musiclibrary file on my computer and didn't find one (except on my Time Machine drive). I don't know how to verify that that is the library program that she's using.

I changed the sharing and permissions to full read & write for "Music Library.musiclibrary".

I found a itunes Music Library.xml from November along with an .itl & .itdb on both computers.

Any ideas what I should look for next?


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