Macbook won't play any videos (any browser)

Jun 23, 2017
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First off, I am NOT good with tech stuff, so please talk to me like I'm 5. Thanks!

A little while back my MacBook stopped playing any online videos (Youtube, Netflix, news websites, etc.). It's really old and has all kinds of problems so I didn't think much of it and just started watching videos on my spouse's computer instead. Now his is doing the same thing. He has a MacBook Air running Sierra 10.12.4. I've tried both Safari and Chrome and I'm not sure he even has Flash installed (it would be in his applications folder, right?). What's happening and how can I fix it? Thanks!


Sep 17, 2014
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As Denzel Washington said in the excellent movie "Philadelphia": Explain this to me like I'm a 6 year old.

In any event, need to know the following:

1. What Mac OS are you using on the old MacBook?

2. For both machines, are you making backups to an external device?

3. For both machines, have you or your wife ever done any disk cleanup, maintenance, and repairs, from a software perspective? Either of you can do a fair amount of disk cleanup on your own, and there are some excellent products available (both free at not free) that can help either of you with those efforts.

4. Is only within the browser that you can't play videos? What about a "stand alone" video, like a movie? Can either of you play those?

5. You should be able to play videos on line without flash installed. You just need to insure that you have the latest version of each browser you try to use. For example, I am watching the last episode of Fargo, Season 3 on FX's site' on another screen, and I am using the latest version of Google Chrome. Also, with my other browser of choice, Opera, I am watching the last episode of The Americans, Season 5, also on FX. (I can watch such shows, as a number of FX networks are part of my TV package with XFINITY). I don't have Adobe Flash Player installed, but I can watch them fine.

It's funny, though, that I could not watch the last episode of Season 3 of Better Call Saul via Google Chrome, as the link to sign in on amc's site does not work (I also have that network as part of my XFINITY TV package). I was able to do it, though, with Opera and Safari.
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