Lot of Misinformation on Butterfly Keyboard!!


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Jul 4, 2019
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Hello, so I have a 2016 nTB MBP which just had its keyboard replaced under the keyboard replacement program. The keyboard feels very different and has symbols on the control and options keys, is its obviously a different keyboard design. From what I can tell, I should have the 3rd Generation keyboard (2017).

My logic goes that the 12" MacBook was the first device with a butterfly keyboard and therefore has the 1st gen keyboard. The 2016s have the 2nd, 2017s have the 3rd, 2018 Macs have the 4th, and 2019 Macs have the 5th. However everyone I see talking about the changes made to each Keyboard Generation over the years omits the 12" MacBook so everyone seems to be 1 generation off.

Does anyone know if anyone has compiled a list of all the changes that have been made to the keyboards over the years? I'd specially like to know what Apple did to the 2017 keyboards compared to the 2016 keyboards.


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