How to get Apple to leave my settings alone and also how to prevent Music from trying to take over.

Aug 27, 2020
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Why does Apple feel that they have the right to determine how I want my computer to look/function? Every time the system upgrades, my settings are reset. Apple, I know how I use my computer, Apple does not. Why does the light level on the screen reset on it's own so I can't use the computer without having to go reset it? Apple, keep your hands off my settings unless you are willing to supply my computer at NO COST to me! The screen intensity just dimmed out while typing this.
Why is it necessary to have Music pop up on it's own constantly? Yes Apple, your tech had me remove it from your version of the start menu. It still thinks I MUST go to Apple and buy music. Does Apple need the money that bad, or is it just another example of corporate greed on drugs? (After all, you are in California.)
You are making Linux look real viable, especially since the gui programs are better these days and the Apple interface is in reality, just a gui running over linux already.
Fix your long term bugs!


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