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Dec 24, 2018
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Hi everyone, this is my first visit, bear with me. I have worked Macs in business since they first came out, but do not know a thing about Tech stuff. I recently had a fault with my Lacie ex Drive connected to my old trusty Power Mac OS 9.2.
This corrupted my Mac hard drive, and I got the dreaded ? on the screen. After a long complicated removal of hard drive to a donor machine, and a repair performed (by a friend) , then replaced, the Mac and all my files are back in tact.
Luckily I managed to back up all the stuff off the Lacie. MY PROBLEM NOW IS, I have a full Bitstream Font library, which was running on the Lacie, and which I used a ATM Delux to switch wanted fonts on and of. NO FONTS were in the system folder font file. All the 1000 fonts are now in a file on Mac Hard drive, but they will not activate with the ATM but they are there showing on it.
It is telling me to drag them to the System Folder Font File, so I have tried but they STILL dont open.

I just want to get back to the same way of working which was a dream. How can I tell the ATM where the fonts are in the folder on the hard drive, they were NEVER in the System Folder before, just sat in a folder ready to be used.

I use the Power mac just for graphics as I have a big iMac for Internet etc etc etc,
I am at a loss ??????????



Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

A few comments/questions:
-From what I remember of OS 9, fonts needed to be located in the System > Fonts folder to be available.
-I used ATM back in the day, but it has been so long, I forget how it worked. I do have a Power Macintosh 8600 running Mac OS 9.1 setup for another thread here. I believe I have a copy of ATM Deluxe I could install and play around with to help troubleshoot.
-Which exact model Power Mac?
-Is it Mac OS 9.2 exactly?
-Which version of Adobe Type Manager Deluxe are you running?
-ATM may have some form of index file, where it thinks they are located in a different place than they are.

I will look into it further when I have a chance.


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