Early 2013 MacBook Pro left click issue

Aug 29, 2022
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Hi. Hope you can help before I have to resort to going to apple

I have an early 2013 3ghz i7 MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7 - this was a recent update

Following the update my track pad click and tap to click stopped working. The trackpad worked to move the cursor but nothing else

I went into setting and checked every was as it should be for the track pad and all seemed to match the online advice.

On issue I thought I'll just start using a external mouse. The external mouse works.. except after a period, might be few second or up to half an hour, the left click on the mouse stops functioning. I have tested the mouse for an extended period on another device and there is not fault with the mouse

The only thing I can do it this happen is restart and the it works again for a random period. I have tried everything, virus scans, mouse settings. Even fully formatting and rebuilding the machine and the issue continues . Any ideas?


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Since it affects an external mouse, it sounds like there may be a hardware issue where the Mac thing the Trackpad is being pressed. Normally when that happens, it is a result of liquid/physical damage. Also, sometimes a swollen battery can put pressure on the bottom of the trackpad and cause that issue.

Check the battery status in  > About This Mac > System Report... > Power > Health Information > Condition. If it states Servie Battery, it could be swelling.


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