DOCK Questions (New User)

Dec 28, 2017
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Happy New Year To All.

Well, with all of you folks help, I think I'm making progress.
Sure is different from W10. Lots to learn.

I now have installed OFFICE, and also Malware Bytes Premium.
Got it all to work, I think.
Very proud of myself; at my age it is a
real accomplishment.

Questions Re the DOCK:

a. What is placed there ? Automatically ?

b. Can I (also) place items there ? How ?

c. What happens if there is no more space left on the bar ?

d. **Can the items I want there, that perhaps I placed there,
be "pinned" so that they are Always there ? How ?

Is it therefore similar to what can be done in W10 on their bottom bar (not sure what it is called)
where you can lock the icons, and double click on them to start a program ?
Or, is it fundamentally different ?

And, an embarrassing one:

What is the easiest way to see all of your programs, perhaps as a complete composite listing,
that you can simply double click on to start ?

Thanks again,


Jan 25, 2017
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Yes you can drag application icons onto the dock, if you want you can pin them there. You can use Launchpad ( The Rocket icon in the dock) for seeing all you applications and starting them



Jun 13, 2007
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Robert11 said:
Questions Re the DOCK:
  • "What is placed there ? Automatically ?" When you create your account & log in for the first time there will be icons (alias') already in the Dock. These will be some System Utilities along with apps that you will likely use the most. Any app that is launched will have an icon placed in the Dock if its not already there. If not already there you can choose to keep an Apps icon in the Dock otherwise when you quit the App the icon disappears.
  • "Can I (also) place items there ? How ?" Yes, you can also remove items. You can drag Applications from your Applications folder down onto the Dock. Right Click an Apps icon in the Dock for settings. If you look closely to the left of the Trash icon on the far right there is a line. To the left of this line is the System part for Apps but to the right of this line is where you can drag your own files/folders/Website shortcuts etc. When you launch an app, it's icon is automatically put on the Dock as an alias. If this App doesn't already have an icon in the Dock then when you quit this App the icon disappears unless you 'pin' it to the Dock. To remove any Apps icon just click hold then drag the icon upwards to see a 'puff of smoke' as the icon vanishes.
  • "**Can the items I want there, that perhaps I placed there, be "pinned" so that they are Always there ? How ?" If you Right-Click any item then go to "Options", this is where you can choose to pin or unpin an item or choose which desktop it's pinned to. There are a lot of other options in there too.
  • "What happens if there is no more space left on the bar ?" There is an option in System Preferences ~> Dock, where you can change the icon size so I think to answer your question the best thing is to just have a look in the Dock settings section of Sys Prefs & familiarise yourself with the choices. I think there is quite some scope for the Dock to accommodate most folks usage patterns.
You can also have a look at Apple's own support document on the Dock at the following link:

Mac Basics: The Dock holds your favorite apps, documents, and more

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