Do I really need to buy new Macbook Pro?

Jul 21, 2019
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Hello! My kid has a macbookpro (2015), 2.7GHz - 128GB, 8GB memory, dual-core Intel Core i5 (turbo speed up to 3.1ghz) processor. She is about to start as a freshman in bioengineering stream. Her current laptop works fine to her expectations which is mostly for documentation and casual photo / video edits.

In excitement to prepare for college, she just purchased new MacBook pro 13, 1.4GHz, 8GB memory, QuadCore i5 (turbo speed up to 3.9ghz).... for ~$1500 USD. She opted for 256gb internal storage, so it cost couple hundreds extra.

I am questioning if the new laptop really provides any significant benefit over what she already has. Touch bar is cool but not worth 1500. One of the key requirement was for us to buy a laptop that will last another 4 years minimum. So I am in a dilemma if this new Mac is any better than what she already has and i am recommending her to wait a year when she has better idea of college senior year requirements.

Main question for this forum however, is there any significant performance diff between above two laptops?


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