Cracked iMac screen

Mar 19, 2019
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Hello I have recently purchased 2017 27 inch iMac. Long story short screen on the left side is kinda shattered. It doesn't affect usability but sure looks very very ugly. Are there any kind of wraps or stickers that could cover the cracked spot? I have seen several but they only cover the bottom. Please can someone help me with any bright ideas? I don't have warranty so I'am definetly not going to change the screen. I have attached an image.

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Sorry to hear/see that. If it were an older model, you could have just purchased the front glass. It's not the screen that is cracked, just the front glass. The recent models have the glass held in place by adhesive, instead of magnets like the older ones.

I have a very small chip in the side of my 2009 iMac's glass. I never replaced it, just put a strip of black electrical tape over it. Prevents it from getting worse, holds the pieces of glass in place, and hides it pretty well other than the difference in glossiness.

Give that a try - just be careful, as you don't want too much pressure which could cause it to crack further.

Hope that helps,


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