Cracked Display - Lowering Resolution

Feb 13, 2013
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Cracked Display - Lowering Resolution (Aspect Ratio)

I'm studying abroad in Europe so the convenience of the US isn't available. My Macbook Pro 15" with Retina Display cracked (and I don't know how - it's literally in perfect condition everywhere because I have had a case on it and I've been careful). There isn't a scratch or dent on the whole laptop, but somehow this broke. I use a special bag that has a laptop sleeve for extra padding on top of my case, so it breaking really annoys me.

What it looks like: (Attached)

Two Issues:
  1. I want to FIX the display, but I'm having issues with accessing warranty from here in Europe:
    I can GUARANTEE that it wasn't some accident, I didn't drop it, but the French people are less than helpful and I can't communicate with them. I need to send the laptop back to the states anyways (for my brother), but I want to ensure that my warranty does cover the repair. When I type my serial number in on mac support, it says warranty is still active (attached. it says "Repairs and Service Coverage: Active"). Before I send it to Atlanta (where a friend can go to the Mac store and repair it), I need to know that this means it's still covered. I tried contacting apple but with everything being in Europe it's a lot harder for me to check it's validity in the US. I've read that for it to be covered cost-free they just need to validate that it's not something that occured by accident (like dropping it, hitting it with something, or something else that I may have done). It's cracked, but I didn't do anything, and it's in perfect condition (you won't find a bump or scratch anywhere beyond the screen). Will this be covered?

  2. UNTIL I can fix it, I want to be able to use it, and I can't see the left side of the screen... (Change Aspect Ratio?)
    and the left side is kind of important (that's where all the menu bar options drop down). Is there a way to set the resolution to use a smaller portion of the screen (AKA to make it ignore the left 2 inches by setting it to a non-widescreen resolution and not scaling it). Retina display resolution options don't seem to have anything and any way to do this would be great.

Thanks for your help.


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Nov 26, 2010
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1. There is NO guarantee that a broken screen will be covered by AppleCare, you can read whats covered in the AppleCare agreement. In fact it may we be one of the things expressly excluded, you would be surprised at what is not covers. The AppleCare service staff decide when things are in the gray areas, the nicer/friendlier/calmer/more reasonable you are the more likely you are to receive a favourable outcome. In many cases staff are currently way overstressed so the more aware you are of their situation the better it will go for you. This is basic human relationships.

No. Its way beyond doing anything to help. Again the longer you leave this the less urgency you can expect from Apple. But once it is logged with Apple that should go onto your service record, and this travels with the computer. So again you don't want an angry person logging that it has been broken and is not covered, in France as that will travel back to the US with the Mac. And then looks bad if you try and "put one over" the US staff.

What you should have done, and may be still possible, is telephone AppleCare in the US. Talk to them, calmly explain what has happened, find out what is on your AppleCare record, and see what they can do to help.

I would always recommend purchasing extended AppleCare, not that this is an option now. But again it shows the staff dealing with your problems that you have made a commitment to AppleCare and support you expect from the AppleCare staff.

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