Can't remember login password and it won't reset

Jan 13, 2009
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Help! I have tried everything. I have 2 user accounts on my mac but the one I really need to login to will not accept any of my passwords I type in. I remember the Filevault password and then it goe's to reset password, I do this and still I can't login. I've tried resetting password through my other user account which is the admin account, still it doesn't work!!! I've used the DVD disc that came with my computer and tried resetting password this way, still doesn't work!! There are some important files I need to access through this user account is there any other way I can access them?? I have an external hard drive for automatic backup. But will I then need to remember my Keychain access password for this user account that I can't get into??
I have mac OS X 10.5

Can someone please please help me here???

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