Bluetooth suddenly stopped working keyboard and magic mouse

Mar 26, 2014
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Hello, hopefully someone can help. My MAC worked fine this morning. When I came back to look something up the wireless keyboard did not respond at all. I attempted to turn it on, but the light would come on green and then go off immediately. Assuming it needed new batteries, I replaced them, took back to my computer and turned it on. There was no connection at all. I then went through the process of connecting using the system settings. The MAC could see my keyboard and set "Attempting to connect", but then failed. On repeated attempts, the same thing happened. I've had this happen previously, and the problem was solved by rebooting the computer, so I tried that. Presto, now my Magic Mouse doesn't work either. Neither one will work. I've connected my USB mouse and keyboard and using that now, but I've tried rebooting repeatedly and connecting the wireless mouse and keyboard repeatedly. The system sees them, and then attempts to pair them. Occasionally it will say connected, but the mouse and keyboard don't work. Then it reverts to "Not Connected" and I start the whole process over again. No matter what I do, they don't work, even when they say they are connected. Any ideas out there?

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