2015 Macbook vs my old Canon Powershot A80 Pics

May 5, 2018
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I have an old (15 years?) Powershot A80 camera that has a usb cable. I put the big USB card in the camera, turn it on, make sure the camera is set to Auto and the button that looks like an arrow as opposed to a camera, hook the usb plug into the MacBook and... nada. Do I need some kind of software do download these pics? I figured the camera would at least show up as being connected but nothing, no pic downloads or connected camera. How can I get my pics? If they weren't on the old clunky USB I could import them using the usb drive but they don't fit. I have a trips all over the world on these (512mb compact flash sandisks) and would hate to not be able to play with those pics on my new comp.

Please Help!

Also, I need a quick tutorial since Ive only ever used what we used to call "ibm-compatables" before. Dells. Not Macs. I have an iPad and an iPhone and I thought a MacBook wouldn't be that different but boy was I wrong! $1500 later I am so frustrated so something dumbed down and as free as possible would be lovely. The fact that I still have to buy so much software just to really use it is crazy already.

Thanks for any help!!!! Jamie
Sep 17, 2014
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Maybe this can help yolu:

https://www.canon.co.uk/support/consumer_products/products/cameras/digital_compact/powershot_a_series/powershot_a80.aspx?type=faq&search=1&gsa_support_product=PowerShot A80&q=Mac&searchurl=/support/consumer_products/content/faq/?itemid=tcm:14-818655

As for software for your Mac, need answers to some questions:

1. What exact Mac OS are you using?

2. What tasks do you want to use your machine for? Word Processing? Spreadsheets? Presentations? Watching videos/movies? Etc.?

3. One thing you must do is to make backups to an external device. Are you making backups? If you, what software are you using?

4. You also need to perform periodic disk cleanup/maintenance/repairs. You actually can do a lot of disk cleanup on your own. Also, there are some excellent products available (both free and commercial) that can help you with those tasks.

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Sounds like the camera is being seen by the Mac? When you connect it, does it show up on the desktop as a white USB drive?

If the camera isn't connecting, you could always purchase a USB media reader, and try your Compact Flash cards in that. They can be found for less than $20.

What software are you needing to buy?


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