2015 Macbook air 6 wont recognize new ssd.

May 19, 2019
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MacBook Air 6,2 Mid 2013
OS Mountain Lion
256hb ssd
I5 chip

Hi guys
I am having a little bit of a problem. My laptop out of the sudden turned off on me and every time that i tried to turn it on after that it will just show the folder with the question “?” mark symbol. I went to the Disk Management utility setup and to my surprised the ssd wasnʼt showing up.

Assuming the ssd is the problem i went ahead and ordered a replacement.
(Checked on theirs specs and it claims to be compatible, but when i got it the package said : (for
Mojave or newer OS).

After installation i went back to the Disk Management but the ssd still wasnʼt showing up. Not giving up i went ahead and created an boot up usb drive. I made it with the latest Mojave OS version since that was the only option my other Mac let me download. Once i ran the bootable Mojave drive I was
able to see my new ssd drive under the disk Utility, so problem solved. Right?... no, Wrong!!! I went ahead i just tried to go ahead and go for it and installed the new Mojave version for once.
When ahead through the steps, selected my new ssd, it starts running the installation,

after six minutes or so after the initial loading part the computer reboots but the it goes back to displaying the question “?” marks symbol.
Canʼt figure out what is happening! And it is driving me insane!
What am I missing!!???

Any help would be appreciated.



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Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

It sounds to me more like there may be a logic board issue. That would cause the original flash memory drive to not be recognized, and the hang during installation.

-Any phisical or liquid damge to the MBA that you know of or can see?
-Were you having any slowness, freezing, or power issues prior to when this issue started?
-Any battery issues that you are aware of?


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