Why can't I drag and drop in Image optim and other apps?

Nov 13, 2015
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I was going to entitle this thread 'Why do computer instructions always tell you things that are not true? Is it only me?' But the theme is too vast so a manageable particular question:

This happens in various applications: I have A and B on screen. I want to, in fact instructions tell me to, drag and drop A, or something from A, into B. But as soon as I click on A to do this, B vanishes from the screen! :confused:

What is the general principle I am missing? Something that I should generally be doing and I am not?

Now the immediate issue and example. Frequently
I want to delete EXIFS data on images that I post publicly. (If you look up any site about EXIFS, it will start with about 3 pages explaining why you might want to do that).

With Windows I had a very straightforward and easy way with an app called EasyEXIFS deletion. It worked, was easy, It was evident when it had done its job, it was free. On the Mac I have found EXIFpurge and IMT EXIFremover. These have none of the qualities just mentioned. I did not manage to download an EasyEXIFS for Mac.

But rooting around I found that you do not need any of these apps, and should be able to do the required using an already installed app called ImageOptim. But I cannot drag and drop an image into it because of the problem explained in the second para. :(

I met the same problem a lot using the Mac photo app. There I found that the photo had to be in an album to drag and drop it. The photo I want to clear of EXIFS is in an album (specially created for the purpose contaning copy of photo, so as not to delete anything in the original.)

PS - then whether if I do manage to drag-and-drop I will be able to do anything is another question. By a different procedure without drag
and drop I do manage to get the photo with label WXYZ1234.jpg inside the imageoptim thing but find no handle to do anything with it! Back to my first line.:(
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Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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The easiest way to drag-and-drop between apps is to resize the windows so that you can see them both on the screen simultaneously. If B is disappearing when you click and hold on something in A, maybe you have Spaces enabled?

If you are using images in iPhoto/Photos, you may need to export the image first (not drag-and-drop), then run it through ImageOptim to remove the EXIF data. You would then need to import it back into iPhoto and delete the original if you only want the copy without the EXIF data to exist in iPhoto/Photos.

It is a good idea for to strip the EXIF data if posting images to the Internet, if you have specific security/privacy concerns, but most of the EXIF metadata doesn't include any specific personal details.

Hope that helps,


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