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Sep 17, 2014
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I was laid off when I was 62 years 5 months old. Tried to find another job, but had no luck. So, I said to my wife, "The kids are doing well (we have 2 sons), and with our income (Early Social Security, Investment income, and Unemployment), we can still live well". So, that is what we did, and am I ever glad we did! I did not miss my job at all, especially with the type of boss I had (I worked at a bank, in their IT department). And of course the commute quickly became a thing of the past.

As I mentioned, we were not eligible for Medicare for another 2 1/2 years, and even though we had COBRA, it was expensive, and it would only last 18 months. So, in January 2007, I started teaching Mathematics courses at a community college. By the next quarter, I became eligible for their complete benefit package (medical, dental, vision, and "something like" a 401 K). So, we dropped the COBRA, and again, it was the best thing to happen to us. I was able to remain on their benefits until August 31, 2011, and by that time we were eligible for Medicare (already had Part A). So, we both enrolled in Part B, and also obtained a Medicare Advantage Plan.

No, I do not get up early, like I used to! In fact, most of the time I wake at about 9 AM, sit in bed for about an hour surfing the net, and then finally get out of bed around 10 AM. And I certainly do not have ANY dreams at all about my former job (and the teaching also). I don't miss them at all.
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