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Nov 17, 2010
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I am trying to run a program for modeling some geologic processes, I'll spare you the details of that. The problem that I'm running into is that I have no idea what to do with these files. I am running OS 10.6.4 but also have an iMac running 9.0.4. Attached are the files for the program, and the only instructions I have are posted below.


Attached are the files required to run REEBOX on the Mac OS 9.x. Make sure all these files reside the same folder, especially the runtime library (f77.rl). There are three files with partition coefficients:
pcSet3.inp (Chip's preferred)
pcSet2.inp (Green compilation)
pcSet1.inp (McKenzie and Onion's)
If you want to change them you can edit one of these files. The order is La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Er, Yb, Lu, Nb, Ti, Zr, Y,Hf, Th for each line corresponding to oliv, opx, cpx, gnt, spin, plag (in that order). The last four lines of the .inp file are the pressures for the upper stability of sp, lower stability of gt, upper stability of plag and lower stability of sp.
The program offers you many options for source composition, initial mode, etc. The melting reaction coefficients are built into the program and described by Fram et al. (see attached pdf).
As for the output, reeboxch.out (tab delimited text file) will be most useful. REEs are chondrite normalized, other elements are not. "pp" is the top of the melting column (i.e. final segregation pressure. "ftt" is mean F and "pbt" is mean P.
If you want to include elements other than those listed above you could fool the program when it asks you if you wish to change Zr and Nb. This option was included when we were playing around with Iceland basalts. If you do this you will need to replace the partition coefficients in the .inp with the appropriate ones.




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