Help running Time Machine with WD My Book for Mac

Jan 14, 2011
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Hi all,

I recently purchased a WD My Book for Mac 1TB external hard drive. The assistant in the shop assured me this would work with Time Machine.

However... after getting home and connecting it to my computer the only back up I can perform is with the one that came with the external hard drive (WD Smartware). It won't recognise the drive in Time Machine and let me do back ups there. It's so frustrating because that is what I bought it for being a little bit familiar with Time Machine.

So my questions are:

-Is it possible to uninstall the software to allow the drive to work with Time Machine?
-Is it worth it? Or am I better off to stick with the Smartware?


I am running on 10.5.8 OS on an iMac


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