Vanishing files?!?

Jan 30, 2008
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Hi there...

I'm having a HUGE problem. I'm a photography student, and I used to have an old iMAC, on loan from the school. Around December I started transferring my pictures to USB key to bring to school to edit for final assignments. However, when I tried opening the pictures on the school's computer, I'd click the file, and the whole USB key would close. I'd have to click the USB key, then click the file again, and then it would close again. I went out and bought a new USB key. However, it started happening with my new USB key too, as well as my external harddrive.

This semester I bought myself a new computer (macbook osx 10.5.1)... and gleefully dumped all my old pictures onto it. Then I decided that might not be such a good idea, in case something was wrong with the actual pictures somehow. So I deleted them, and started it for all my new pictures. All's been well until today when the same damn thing has started to happen on my new macbook. I open the folder, click on the file... and the whole folder closes.

This is driving me insane, and stressing me out. I'm a photography student, I need my pictures to not self destruct!!!

Help, please?!?


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