Unresponsive screen. Advice please!

Jul 25, 2020
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A few days ago, my MacBook Air (2018) screen randomly turned off in the middle of watching a video. The keyboard lights were still functioning but the screen was black. I tried all the troubleshooting advice I could find online; shutdowns, reboots and resets, but nothing worked.

I eventually brought it to be checked, where they replaced the screen. Once I got home to check if it worked (I didn't have the charger to restart the battery at the time), everything was the same. The screen is black but the keyboard lights and sound are still working. I am using my TV as an external display which is working fine. I called the place back who said this confirms it is not an issue with the screen. I have a few days until it will be checked.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Does this indicate a problem with the connection between the screen and board? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thank you


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

It sounds like it could be an issue with the LCD panel or the cabling/connection. Did you have it repaired at an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider?

You could try an SMC reset. Also, grab a flashlight and see if you can see anything on the screen when it is powered on. If so, then it is a backlight issue. If not, it would be the LCD or MLB. Since it works with an external display, then it is most likely a screen issue.


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