Unable to connect to iCloud

Aug 1, 2015
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I have a Macbook Pro with Maverick OS. Each time I use it I am getting these messages:

This Mac can't connect to iCloud because of a problem with (Email/ID) Open iCloud preferences to fix this problem

iCloud Password Please enter your password for (Email/ID)

I'm asked to go to iCloud Preferences and enter my Apple ID. Then I'm told an Apple ID verification code is required.

Again asked for ID. When entered a message is sent to my iPhone which says my Apple ID is being used to sign into a new device. Do Not Allow/Allow. A six figure password is supplied allowing me access.

This process is repeated each time I use my computer.

In "Manage your Apple account": "You are signed in to the devices below:" I am signed in to 2 iMacs, and iPod and an iPhone but no Macbook Pro.

On the next page under "add a device to the list". I read, "After you sign in on a device with your Apple ID, that device appears on the list". (But it doesn't; no Macbook)

I've had the Mcbook for about eight years and it has had only moderate use. Most times I use my iMac. This problem has been fairly recent.

Be grateful for a solution.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Normally, signing out of iCloud completely on the MBP, then signing back in will rectify that issue.

See if that helps,


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