Transferring Photo Library more than Once

Jan 2, 2017
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Please explain. I transferred the Photos library from my iMac to an external drive a month ago. I did not delete the photos from the iMac. Since then I added 50 new photos to the Photos library on my iMac. If I now drag the Photos folder on my iMac to the external drive again, will only the 50 new photos be transfered to the library on the eternal or will a complete second copy of my Photos library be created on the eternal ? In other words, will I end up with two Photos libraries on my eternal drive? Thank you.



Jun 13, 2007
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i'm pretty sure, but again with no info regarding your Mac model, OS version i could be giving you misleading advice, that you will be prompted to overwrite the folder on the ext drive.

So yes it will be a long process of overwriting depending on the library size but you won't end up with 2 photo libraries unless the name of the folder on the ext drive was modified.

I think a back up app like SuperDuper could update the folder on the ext drive with the recent 50 photos but you might like to download the free version of that app to check this as I haven't used it in several years.

BTW we have a politician here well known for her phrase "Please Explain" ...

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