Time Machine Failure & New HDD -

Jul 17, 2010
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I've been using 3 year old macmini with TC for backup until last week when HDD failed. Purchased new HDD (plus a 1TB external) and loaded on all OSX and apps but now, from either HDD, cant retrieve anything from TC (Time Machine only shows data since new HDD install). I tried using Migration Assistant - it transferred about 2Gb data (no apps) but still nothing appearing in any apps - a major problem with both Mail and iPhoto.

I have found a file called Backups.backupdb that carry folders dated roughly weekly covering the last 12 months or so, and can access some tiny amounts of old Word docs, nothing more, - it appears I don't have permissions to access various Folders from Desktop through to Downloads through to Pictures - and nowhere can i see anything relating to Mail.

Any suggestions? One of the probs is I live in Greece; support here is less than zero and I can't easily pick everything up and go to an Apple store for a techie!!


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