Sierra 10.12.5 email synch issue with iPhone 7 10.3.2


Jun 3, 2017
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Hi, just (finally) updated my MacBook Pro (17", late 2011 model) to Sierra to make it compatible with my iPhone 7 (Nov. 2016), see subject line for OS/ios details.

Problem: new email on iPhone now automatically turns up as "read" (no "unread" blue dot beside it), and does not trigger "new mail" notifications of any kind, badges, banners, etc.

I had no trouble previously with OS Lion - both devices reflected actual email status (i.e. "unread"), and the email synched perfectly.

Now "unread" blue dots & the badge ONLY appear on my laptop, not on the iPhone. Means I cannot see "new email" on my iPhone, hugely inconvenient, as they get missed/overlooked.

Is this a known issue?

How to fix it?

Thanks in advance.


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