My iPhone X's battery burned


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Nov 17, 2017
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I wanted to share my problem in case someone have seen another iPhone X struck by this.

Two weeks ago, the phone was reaching extremely high temperature and burned my face while I was passed out near it. I woke up and it was stuck on the Apple logo for an hour before being entirely discharged; it then took a day to get it working again and I did a complete reset of it.

Since then, I've been using it with *ALMOST* no overheating issues and the only app installed was the Reddit one.
Yesterday, while I was on a long phone call (around 30 minutes) with the phone charging on my macbook USB port, another overheating alert appeared and the phone got stuck on the Apple logo again. This time, there was a burning smell out of the charging port. After hours, I've been able to turn it on again with less than 10% of power remaining. The charger still works with my spare iPhone 7 Plus but the iPhone X is probably fried.

I've seen articles about iPhone Xs overheating in January but never heard of a battery burning on this model


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