Can I choose which Photos get uploaded to my iPhone Xr from iCloud?

Feb 27, 2016
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NOTE -- I'm an artist who has been a dedicated Mac user since 1987 -- so fairly adept but apparently NOT geeky enough -- and I just can't get away from issues I have with iPhotos and NOW Photos.

1st Issue: Is there a way to control which photos get uploaded to my iPhone via iCloud like I could via iTunes? I do NOT want all my photos on my phone. (I want to get MOST of the photos deleted) Every time I've gone to a credible site/forun for help I find answers that are missing parts and I don't get the problem solved. Can someone give me some clues, please?

2nd Issue: I need to finally master Photos! Being an artist I have a gazillion images to deal with, and I don't take notes for little info things -- I snap a pic. I have probably not done the best job from the beginning with sorting/categorizing my image going into Photos (or iPhotos), but I've never found clear source of HOW TO for this. Again, everything I've come across had parts missing and I get to a certain point and no further. Can someone suggest some sites/books or YouTube vids to help that really tell step by step instructions. Many people use these programs with much more ease and success than I do, so somewhere there has to be clear info to help me get this stuff firmly planted into my grey matter!!! LOL

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to share ❣️

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Issue 1
Unfortunately, there isn't any way to selectively choose which photos sync with iCloud Photos (iCloud Photo Library). If you only want certain photos on your iPhone, then you should disable iCloud Photo Library and sync photos manually from your Mac using iTunes to select the album(s) you want.

Issue 2
Honestly, the some of the best training I know of is from - Apple Photos Training and Tutorials. Many companies use their site to train their staff on a huge array of topics. Unfortunately, it is a little expensive for most folks...starting at $29.99 USD/month.

Another choice would be - Apple Photos: Overview Live Training Session 1500. That full 56 minute course is only $4 USD.

There is always the Apple website itself, or workshops and events at your local Apple Store.
-Photos Support
-Photos for macOS
-Use Photos on your Mac

Hope that helps a bit,


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