Mid-2012 Macbook Air 128GB SSD error

Sep 5, 2018
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Hi there,

I have a mid-2012 Macbook Air 13" that froze up on my while I was using it a couple months ago. When I turned it back on, it would show up a grey folder with a ? inside it. After a quick Google search, I realized it was an error with the hard drive. I since purchased a hard drive for my A1466 model and replaced it. Yet I've now still been unable to get the Macbook to read it. I open Disk Utility and it doesn't recognize it.

When I did the hard drive test, it gave me the following error:

error 4bat/6/40000005: 0x898f3790

I've been unable to find anything online with this error code aside from one link that says it's a battery error. I can't see this being the issue as the battery is fine, it's the hard drive that isn't recognized. I did replace the battery several months back with one off Amazon that had a ton of positive reviews. I unplugged the battery cable and tried to start it up using just the power cord and received the same error.

Any ideas as to what this could be? I've searched everywhere online and can't figure it out.
Sep 17, 2014
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Need to know the following:

1. What Mac OS are you running?

2. How are you making posts here?

3. What exact 128 Gig SSD model is it?

4. Did you install inside your Mac already?

5. Have you been making backups to an external device? If (hopefully) you have been, what software do you use?

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome,

It still could be a battery error, as it could be an issue with the connection on the logic board for the battery, which is why you got the same error with the battery disconnected. It could also be a result of an incompatible flash storage card, or static damage to the logic board.

-Which brand/model flash storage drive did you replace the original with?
-Which brand/model is the replacement battery?


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