Mail won't shut down, hangs on retrieving messages

Jan 10, 2010
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Yesterday I was reading e-mail on my iMac when the power went out. On restart, the Mail program would hang when looking for new mail and just endlessly search. Now I have to force quit Mail in order to get it to close. When I do that, I do NOT get the "not responding" flag.

If I go to the mail server for my account and delete all the mail, the program will search, find nothing, and stop normally, allowing me to quit normally.

When I get new mail, the program will get all of it off the server, but then keep searching. It never times out when doing this, it just searches and searches and searches and searches and searches....

If I force quit and then restart the program, it will download the messages again. And then keep searching, etc...

Force quit mail, go back to the server (on the web), delete the messages, Open Mail. Mail will search, find nothing, stop searching. Quits normally. As soon as new mail shows up, endless searching.

This only happened after the power outage. The Mail program continues to work fine on my Macbook. I have to think there is some file that's been corrupted but I can't find anything like a .plist file for it and suspect those are a thing of the past???


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